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01. Eco Community -Thennakongama (close to saliyagama)

Eco Community is creating a bio-diversity, Alternative farming, self sustainable, low impact, Eco-tourist, Community education Center Thennakongama in Sri lanka. there are young volunteer organization living with Community.Presently they have 02 acres home garden for our day today needs.There have two plantations of 800 organic papaya trees, 60 cashew trees, hundreds of pumpkins and eggplants and, We start growing vegetable make new kitchen 06 acres rice fields. One acres traditional and 03 acres mix. We use alternative cultivation method like organic, IPM, other traditional system. We have 56 cows, 02 dtuck, 04 duck, 40 goats, 60 hen, and other animal.

Community Leader. Thennakoongama, Moragollagama, Sri Lanka.

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02. Disna Organic Farm and Plant Nursery - Kurunagalla

25 acre organic / non organic farm owned by a retired Agricultural Instructor of the Government. Situated in the extreme dry zone in Kurunegala District. Owner also uses the farm as a training center.

Basically a coconut cultivation with a mixture of fruit and vegetable cultivation coupled with animal husbandry with dairy cows, goats and poultry. A bio gas unit has been set up to power the farm and the house of the owner. Can provide accommodation for at least five persons at once.

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03.Kegalle Organic Farm- Kegalle

10 acre organic/inorganic farms in development with eco-housing facility for 02 persons operating 07 days a week. Situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province lining the central hills. Farming in cocounit s, vegetables & animal husbandry (10 cows, 05 goats and 05 poultry) paper and other spices. 

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04. Atulapriyantha farm - walimada

The model farm named after its owner who is currently serving as an agricultural instructor, is a farm grown under natural farming principles over a period of 20 years. An ideal spot to view experimentation in natural soil & water conservation methods, production of natural fertilizer and the study of natural Eco systems all spread out on 2 ½ acres of land. A model of different family home garden plots that are organized to inter-. The farm is in the initial stages of transformation from 'carbonic agriculture' to The need and the possibility exist for engagement in developing neighboring land plots using ways and means of natural farming. Accommodation for 02 persons. 

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05. Valigapola women foundation

An example of a true Sri Lankan effort in transforming degraded land into fertile and ably cultivated land using ecological agricultural means. women foundation An area of approximately 03 acre now developed as model ago-organic training farm. Cultivation of carbolic jams, flowers, vegetables & fruits. A compost unit in operation. Conducts training programs on carbonic home gardening while functioning as a center for 'knowledge exchange'. working 10 village launch home grading and mricocridet .Accommodation available for 03 persons. Attendance to day to day activities of the farm is most welcome.The food is vegetarian.

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06. New Environmental Alliance - Ambalanthota

New Environmental Alliance is frames organisation on give to knowledge poor farmer in the extreme dry zone on south. A good example for dry zone conservation ecological agriculture. A mixture of coconut, fruit and vegetables. home grading and land which cultivated using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technique. few farmer Alternative power generation using bio gas from cow dung.

Water and soil conservation methods are in use to overcome the challenges of water shortage. Close to Hambanthota and Galle Historical city. Can use the train as convenient transportation and traveling method unit Mathara. first come to New Environmental Alliance office and arrge few family farm for volunteer.

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07. Shrawani Villa

Shrawani Villa is set in upcoming urban area surrounded by infrastructure required to modern living and acting as an earth lung for the village.
Time spent here is no different to time spent in an ashram but without the need to follow any rules: you define your own theme and order your day as actively or in as leisurely a manner as you want for reviving the body, mind and spirit.
Some of the activities that guests can enjoy in the surrounding area include bird watching, nature trails and countryside walking, a climb to the Gatabaruwa Temple, visit waterfalls and a guided trip to Sinharaja.
Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The hilly virgin rain forest part of the Sri Lanka lowland rain forests Eco region, was saved from the worst of commercial logging by its inaccessibility, and was designated a World Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage Site in 1988. The reserve's name translates as Kingdom of the Lion.

08. Puttalam Garden Estate

Our mission is to produce healthy and tasty food consistent with environment and people. was bought in 2011 as a bare and abandoned land. It is beautifully located in the Puttalam District, next to the village of Puliyankulam right on the boundary of the Wilpattu Forest Reserve.
All in all the estate contains 36 acres (about 14.5 hectares) of which 19 acres are used as an organic farm. 17 acres are kept as a natural corridor with bigger trees and bushes next to the Wilpattu Forest Reserve, a local farmer is given the chance to keep his cows there in exchange for some good manure.
Since the land is situated in Sri Lanka's dry zone, a dam has been built to keep the water from the natural springs on the land and therefore increase the level of groundwater and keep our soil moist. During the rainy season this lake floods about 3 acres of the estate.
The land has 100% renewable energy supply (wind and solar) for the house.
We have planted various trees such as coconut, banana, avocado, mango, guava, pomegranate, orange, cashew, passion fruit, jak, teak and other timber trees and many more.

ESTATE has a small family house (3 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom) which is used by the manager and his family. For the volunteers there is one room available with a separate entrance to ensure some privacy. We can also provide tents for volunteers to stay in. Besides there is a small separate clay house with one bedroom and a veranda, that could be used by volunteers. However the place to stay can be discussed with the volunteers, depending on their needs and preferences.

Sri Lankan meals are provided we an cater vegetarian, self catering (use of kitchen equipment) is possible if desired.

09. Spiritual Nature Farm  matale

We are eco- friendly family farmers who are practicing a new farming called‘SpiritualNature Farm’. Why this SNfarming is needed?Because we want to build our farm without any harm to nature. At the same time we want to make space people to bring them together by doing farming to make peace and reconciliation among them who have been affected by many difficulties because of inorganic conventional farming and other difficulties like poor, education and malnutrition. Also if somebody likes to do some meditation like Buddhist or Yoga we can facilitate. It is a process of using natural resources in the environment, with no harm, but with proper technical methods, with the support of indigenous farming, Limiting soil erosion to enhance soil conservation by protecting air, water, nutrients of the soil, using all waste materials, protecting bio-diversity without using chemicals, being fair to the producer and consumer, being healthy to consume, resulting in a proper diet. Through this process a special relationship of respect among all living beings and materials is created.Situation:  To the east of Matale located in thecentral province of Sri lankaThe area which this farm belongs to is 1500 m above sea level. So the temperature of here is between 18-33 0c.This is a mountainous area and can see many ranges of mountains around and waterfalls running through the foot of those mountains. And also they stand in prestige with king’s era of the last kingdom of Ceylon. There are many historical places that our farm is closer to. One of the famous and historical place is “MataleAluViharaya” (Temple AluVihara).Our farm is very close to the “Riverston” as well. It offers great views all around with a mini worlds end, lot less travelled by main stream tourists. Climatic conditions here are very similar to Horton plains with the addition of having two great waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”.

we have garden of spices (pepper, some cloves, cinnamon & ginger will be grown in near future) and also we grow some vegetables and specially fruits like banana  to be grown in plenty.  Further we have coffee, tea leaves too. Mainly practicing new kinds of organic fertilizer and pesticides is our motive. How many: Pepper 3 acres, some cloves, and 1 acreof coffee, mainly we have many jack fruits, mango, avocado, orange and some banana and many kinds of Sri Lankan fruits. Cinnamon will be grown ½ acre while banana and ginger will be grown in 1 acre. We have small home garden for our self-sufficiency.  In addition to that we have 4 acres of tea land and 7 acres of forest.Accommodation:At present we have a house with 3 rooms, kitchen, drawing room, dining room and parlor. Water is pumping from the well. You are welcome for simple accommodation and food available with us.

10. Pinnawala

We are Small organization. We have Cow and Goat Those cows and goats are went to killed by some peoples. we bought the animals and we take care of them. like a little frame. we not take milk and meat from them. we give them to good life. volunteer can wash/feed/clean their beds/can find the food from the wild by little truck and can work organic frame also. this project can work all the week days from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm)
We grow fruit and vegetables. can work 6 volunteer per one time Accommodation type  Guest house/Home stay or volunteer home. If your happy your time spend Pree school teaching and Kids care. Elephant Experience , Work in the Animal Zoo.

Fletcher's organic wellness holiday home

basce on one acres of land at Niwandama.organice growing  many verities of organic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. thire have a six bed room house and  provide 3 bed rooms for guests who are interest in organic lifestyle. At the moment  journeys guests are occupying my holiday home on their arrivals and before their departures becouse 17 Km to ariport to wellness holiday home. other way wwooflk and eco community recamand this place befor your going to eco community Thennakongama , morgollama  or other host farm.

 Fletcher organic wellness holiday home  corrdinte  Mangala Fletcher.  he spend  time and resores promote organic agriculture in Sri Lanka. organic wellness holiday home  with the intention of healing the mother earth and the human beings. its am in to ideological, spiritual, ecological and agricultural. I have some eco political support too.

Transport - from the Airport to Fletcher organic wellness holiday home to 800 rs  by tok tok. We are pleased to welcome the volunteers form the airport.

Sri Lankan Exotic food with many verities can be provided. And also self-cooking facilities are available. If necessary work clothes and boots can be provided. if you can help for  the graden work planting English is the easiest way to communicate but other languages can understand with the help of new technology.