World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming in Sri Lanka

What is WWOOFLK 

WWOOFLK is a group of young volunteers who are interested and working in organic agriculture in Sri Lanka. We wish to provide opportunities for volunteers all around the world (WWOOFers) to learn about organic farming, food and ways of life in Sri Lanka. In doing so we hope to bring people together in sharing common human values and thinking.
WWOOFLK also seek to provide helping hands to farmers in Sri Lanka who engage themselves in and promote organic agriculture within the country.WWOOFLK is an exchange programme to volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning.

What We Offer
Sri Lanka is a country with a very rich history in agriculture which runs more than 2500 years back. Therefore, many local farmers still hold a great deal of knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices which were both tradition and culture. Until the late 1960s the agriculture of the country was completely based on organic mechanisms.
Although the Green Revolution enforced towards the late 1960s sought to convert the agriculture of the country in to the chemical based model of agribusiness there still exist a large number of organizations and farmers who are practicing and promoting organic agriculture successfully. WWOOFLK has close linkages with 05 national level organizations and farmer movements who promote organic agriculture island wide. We also have individual farmer members who engage themselves in organic agriculture too. The experiences can be varied from large scale organic farming to small scale home gardening. From vegetable cultivations to paddy cultivation and mixed cropping too.
We will offer a unique opportunity for WWOOFer volunteers to experience these farming methods and the culture and living styles of the rural farmers in Sri Lanka.

The Relationship with Eco community

WWOOFLK team and 15 younger who are social working together started the eco community. New project For Learning, sharing and doing practical together.WWOOFLK and eco community are running under parellel principals.New project is about 50 acres of land in the dry zone area and creating a bio-diversity, permaculture, organice, self sustainable, low impact,Eco-tourist, Community education Center.

Presently we are developing our Eco community while using alternative cultivation method like organic ,IPM, premaculture, new technologies, other traditional system. there have Model farm and start growing organic vegetable, 1 acres organic/ IPM rice fields. One acres traditional seeds.. We have 46 cows, 05 duck, 38 goats, 40 hen, and other animal.


There is a small office in the eco community farm and all the working volunteers are unpaid. The web site is updated by volunteers. All the membership’s fees and each donations are going to the development fund of the eco community. You can join with us via either wwooflk Or Eco community.

1) After getting a basic understanding of our eco community you can are mentioned in th and work in eco community as a volunteer. All the details regarding this is mentions in our web site. In your volunteer time eco community happy organize few host farms for exchange.

2) After getting a basic understanding of wwooflk host farm it’s you can arrange yourself.

If you have any Question for that process please call or mail us.

WWOOFLK -World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms In Sri Lanka
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