Rabaca from USA

Sophia & Yiannis from Italy

We enjoyed the time in Devasarana very much!!! Because We felt that we were very admitted! you helped us if we needed help (f.e. with stomach problems) the work was diversified we got a very good view into Sri Lanka and its culture! the food was soooo good (and it was really nice that you always cooked for us!!!) you let us join so many events which we enjoyed very much (like the youth camp or several journeys) of the good time table and (break at lunch with so much free time: and tea time was always great also to get in contact with the workers on DDC) it was great to have so private facilities (even though they were different to our norm f.e. concerning cleanliness...) we had so much freedom and we could always talk to you easily For your future we think it's great that you have a place (kidchen/living room) for wwoofers but it would be sad if that would decrease the contact to the workers of DDC). Also the recycling is very important (the rubbish in outside looks not very organic: D

Edith from Belgium

I was very comforting to have Danuska coming to collect me at the bus station when I first arrived as I did not know Kurunegala.More generally, at DDC, everybody was most kind and helpful to help me through new discoveries and to find my way. I think volunteers should be encouraged to mix with the PIC and DDC activities, as I did. This is very interesting. It could be advertised on the website too (that the farm is actually an NGO etc) Communication with you and the others (as Anbu and Debah) about meal time and work time could have been clearer. But I suppose that's the way in Sri Lanka.The tasks in the farm were a bit the same all the time. Working in the paddy field was a we some though.
I suggest, as you complained about having to many people at the same time, and volundeers cancelling at the last minute, that you make pay a (small) fee to pay for suscription so that only the people truly interested contacts you. But I guess, banking transfers and stuff are difficult to organise.
Here are a few pictures (you can also post them on the site ... I don't know if you are supposed to do that)
Take care
And thanks again for the really good time I had in Yakalla.

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